We are committed to building and maintaining relationships throughout an extensive network of public and private sector clients, within all sectors of Social Care Provision, across the UK

Client retention is key to our success and we therefore always try and meet with our clients in order to better understand the cultural fit required for successful staffing.

Over 95% of the clients we work with use us as one of their primary providers.

We are continuously developing a robust pool of the highest quality social work personnel for immediate deployment. Whether your requirements are within Children's Services, Adult & Mental Health Services or Youth Offending Services, we have a range of experienced, fully vetted staff, available at short notice.

All our candidates have a minimum of two years’ experience working within their specialist area and all are professionally vetted, safeguarded and referenced in line with strict REC Guidelines.

All our candidates are offered appropriate in-house, external and on-line training courses in order to maintain their professional status and to advance their particular skills.