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Tips on applying attachment theory in social work with adults

06 Dec 2016

Expert advice for understanding attachment and using it in your day-to-day social work practice

Government to revive controversial ‘exemption’ plans in social work bill

05 Dec 2016

Children’s minister says proposals will be re-tabled in “much altered and improved” form following House of Lords defeat

How children’s principal social workers feel about government ‘innovation’ proposals

05 Dec 2016

The children’s principal social worker network surveyed its members on controversial innovation proposals that were in the Children and Social Work Bill. Here’s what they said…

Councils setting numerical targets for adoption

22 Nov 2016

Transparency Project findings are thought to be the first time councils have acknowledged using numerical adoption targets since national benchmarks were scrapped in 2008

Tighter timescales are keeping the care system moving. At what cost?

18 Nov 2016

The length of care proceedings has dropped rapidly in recent years, how are social workers and other professionals keeping the system going?

Top tips on supporting families with no recourse to public funds

18 Nov 2016

Best practice guidance to help ensure you meet your statutory responsibilities in this difficult area