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Tighter timescales are keeping the care system moving. At what cost?

18 Nov 2016

The length of care proceedings has dropped rapidly in recent years, how are social workers and other professionals keeping the system going?

Top tips on supporting families with no recourse to public funds

18 Nov 2016

Best practice guidance to help ensure you meet your statutory responsibilities in this difficult area

‘The best social work I’ve seen wasn’t about filling out forms’

15 Nov 2016

Community Care hears from Ruth Ibegbuna, founder of the Reclaim project, on how to unleash the leadership potential of children in care

Government reveals plans for new regulator ‘Social Work England’

04 Nov 2016

The new body, described as "independent" by ministers, would have to get standards approved by government

The Troubled Families fiasco should be a warning to children’s services

26 Oct 2016

Despite its public failure, the Troubled Families scheme is being expanded, and shows services can be commodified, argues Michael Lambert

Government to amend social work bill in bid to quell ‘privatisation’ fears

25 Oct 2016

Two government amendments will be tabled in a bid to stem growing concerns over how controversial 'exemption' clauses will be used