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Increasing demand for adoption experts prompts new social work course

08 Oct 2014

The British Association for Adoption and Fostering is launching a post-qualifying programme in adoption to plug the skills gap

Half of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards cases breaching legal timescales

03 Oct 2014

Experts welcome Supreme Court ruling's extension of human rights protections but warn resources are badly needed to meet surge in demand

Documentary shows ‘radical’ way of helping children with behavioural difficulties

29 Sep 2014

C5's Too Tough To Teach airs tonight and takes you inside a specialist school without punishments, rewards or physical restraint

Social workers making the right decisions to protect children, say guardians

25 Sep 2014

In over 80% of cases local authorities were right to make applications for care proceedings when there were no other courses of action

Four models for boosting social care assessment capacity under the Care Act

23 Sep 2014

Online assessments, outsourcing to voluntary sector and community 'drop-ins' all under consideration by local authorities

‘We rarely need to take action over a registrant’s use of social networking sites’, says HCPC director

17 Sep 2014

If you follow guidelines about what you share and who can access your profile, there is no reason to avoid social media and it can even benefit your CPD, says the HCPC's director of policy and standards