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How the Care Quality Commission is changing the way it regulates social care

05 Nov 2014

A return to rating services, an end to annual inspections and the introduction of specialist inspectors are among the key changes being made by the CQC

‘My son’s social care support shows me another side to the system I work in’

03 Nov 2014

Steve Palmer from the Social Care Institute for Excellence gives an insight into his personal experience of social care

Average caseloads rise 34% in the past year amidst government “complacency”

29 Oct 2014

Unmanageable caseloads have led to most social workers losing a member of their team

‘The LB Bill: turning social care policymaking on its head’

27 Oct 2014

Learning disability policy isn't working so we're taking a crowdsourced approach to drafting new legislation, writes George Julian

‘I’ll never forget the social worker who stuck with me when I was at my lowest’

21 Oct 2014

Ian Callaghan is using 25 years' experience of using mental health services to improve care. The kindness of staff, he says, is key.

‘Baby P: The Untold Story’ TV documentary announced by BBC

17 Oct 2014

BBC documentary aims to reveal how some powerful institutions did not come under the spotlight whilst the attention was focused on social workers