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When does families’ overprotectiveness tip over into psychological abuse?

11 Feb 2015

Blair McPherson says social workers must be given the time to support adults to assert their rights to self-determination in the face of familial overprotectiveness

Lack of mental health beds putting AMHPs under ‘extreme pressure’, warns CQC

09 Feb 2015

Regulator's Mental Health Act report also examines early impact of landmark Supreme Court ruling on deprivation of liberty

Connected and protected: Can social media be a part of social work practice?

05 Feb 2015

We can no longer shy away from understanding how social media is affecting our colleagues and service users, writes Denise Turner

Do children’s services reflect, reinforce or reduce social inequalities?

03 Feb 2015

Paul Bywaters is leading new research into why children from poor neighbourhoods are more likely to face child protection interventions

Social workers set to be given ‘ominous’ duty to identify and report extremism

30 Jan 2015

Home Office consultation proposes councils should do more to prevent terrorism, with potentially huge implications for social workers

Case backlog leaves ‘worryingly high’ number of people deprived of liberty without authorisation, warns CQC

27 Jan 2015

Regulator finds local authorities have been overwhelmed by impact of Supreme Court's 'Cheshire West' ruling last year