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The top 85 actions you could take to stand up for social work

04 Mar 2015

A list of large and small things you can do to stand up for social work whether you're a social worker, manager, politician or member of the public

‘The social worker as a social scientist’: the dilemma of juggling research and practice

02 Mar 2015

Rhian Taylor undertook a social work research project alongside her practice. Here's what she learnt from the experience...

Social workers given updated guidance on e-cigarette use by foster carers or adopters

26 Feb 2015

British Association of Adoption and Fostering now advises social workers to distinguish between e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes

Council to commission out child protection in the biggest outsourcing ‘in a generation’

24 Feb 2015

Northamptonshire County Council will retain 150 of its 4,000 staff members in a £68m budget cut

Family courts to do more to promote the voice of children in care proceedings

20 Feb 2015

Justice Minister Simon Hughes announced changes that will help children aged ten and above communicate their views in family courts

‘The social work office was stark and brutal’: BBC1′s The Casual Vacancy

19 Feb 2015

The dramatic impact of social work scenes in The Casual Vacancy come at the expense of reality, writes social worker Alan Fisher