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Next generation social care: What do e-markets mean for your practice?

29 May 2015

Frontline staff can be key to making sure technology delivers radically different social care, writes Carys Roberts

Supporting women with alcohol issues: what social workers need to know

21 May 2015

Problematic alcohol use among women is often associated with domestic or sexual abuse or self-harm and requires a tailored and sensitive response from practitioners, says Dr Patsy Staddon

Deprivation of liberty: Law Commission eyes ‘simpler’ system to protect rights

24 Apr 2015

Reforms will look to strike right balance by offering 'less cumbersome scheme' that retains effective safeguards

Election 2015: What would the main parties do for social work?

21 Apr 2015

A simple breakdown of the five main parties' biggest and most eye-catching plans for social care and social work

Principal social workers: local gains, but a missed national opportunity

15 Apr 2015

Tony Stanley, deputy chair of the principal social workers' network, explains why he thinks the role is failing

Deprivation of liberty: 27 case examples to help social workers comply with landmark ruling

10 Apr 2015

List of cases issued as part of guidance drawn up by Law Society to help handle practical implications of last year's 'Cheshire West' ruling