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Should social workers fear David Cameron’s plans to intervene in children’s services?

18 Sep 2015

Social workers have reacted with concern and, in some cases, fear to David Cameron's speech last week, but is this justified?

Social work with asylum seekers opened my eyes to the horrors of war

14 Sep 2015

It is vital to remember that everyone has a story to tell and a reason for coming here, writes Social Work Outlaw

Are child protection thresholds too high?

10 Sep 2015

As a Community Care survey finds that 71% of social workers feel the threshold for child protection has risen, we ask whether the system for child protection thresholds is in crisis

Social workers want a college that can negotiate with the government on policy

27 Aug 2015

Vast majority of respondents to a Community Care survey think a professional college is necessary, but less than half had been members of The College of Social Work

One in four care leavers taking advantage of ‘Staying Put’ reforms

25 Aug 2015

Local councils have warned that the Staying Put initiative have left them with a £13m funding shortfall

Protecting disabled children: What the latest research tells us

18 Aug 2015

A group of academics highlight the lessons for social workers from the latest studies of safeguarding disabled children