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Social workers fare well in accreditation pilot

29 Apr 2016

Initial analysis of accreditation pilot results suggests vast majority of practitioners performed well, Community Care has learned

Council to regain control of social work from provider following performance issues

21 Apr 2016

Performance problems, financial pressures and NHS policy shifts behind Swindon decision not to renew contract with social enterprise SEQOL

Managers do not understand complexity of social work cases in council, Ofsted finds

18 Apr 2016

An inspection recommended Northumberland council needed to take action to reduce social work caseloads and that they match the knowledge and experience of each social worker

Words to inspire: Social work and poetry

08 Apr 2016

Poems can offer social workers hope and refreshed empathy, says Rhian Taylor

‘She deserves to live somewhere where she is happy’

06 Apr 2016

An independent mental health advocate reflects on a day of safeguarding, moving on issues and report writing

HCPC plans to add five new standards of proficiency for social workers

04 Apr 2016

Changes to standards of proficiency will require social workers to be willing to reassess conclusions and identify professional resilience strategies