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‘A game which compels you to jump through hoops’: a social worker’s experience of resource panels

04 Jun 2019

A social worker writes about the work involved in presenting cases to resource panels, and how pointless it can often feel

‘Eight months in, I feel pessimistic and tired, and I wonder if social work will be the career for me’

09 May 2019

A social worker in their first year discusses the pressure of beginning practice in an 'inadequate' local authority and being made to feel guilty over fears and anxieties

How the law on authorising deprivation of liberty will change

29 Apr 2019

Parliament has now approved legislation to replace the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. Lawyer Tim Spencer-Lane, who worked on the bill, explains what it means

The language of care unfairly labels children, and professionals are complicit

29 Apr 2019

A therapeutic fostering service manager writes about the need to change the language of care

Children Act ‘betrayed’ in climate of cuts, top family barrister says

17 Apr 2019

Social work decision-making pressures are in some cases 'like asking junior doctor to perform open-heart surgery', academic suggests

Despite the importance of giving advice in social work, we rarely talk about this skill

17 Apr 2019

Dr Sharif Haider writes about the importance of advice in social work and key skills social workers should be aware of